Shore Leave in Avalon

by Viewers Of

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This album was recorded at the Coach House in Chicago, with Dan Pierson in Chi, and then in various bedrooms and nooks and crannies, and even outside late at night. // Artwork by Ąmėlia Järvinên, vocals, violin, guitar and assorted noises by Julian Spiro, piano, rhodes, juno, and casio by Alon Tayar, bass by Daniel Stein, drums and percussion by Peter Manheim, drums on Tourist Gets a Bloody Nose by Eli Schabes, and trumpet by Pat Adams


released May 22, 2015


tags: rock Lowell


all rights reserved


Viewers Of Lowell, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Quick Mists
Raindrops on a kettledrum
Plaster in your chewing gum
Track Name: St. Anaesthene
I thought I saw st. anaesthene strolling in the park
Standing by the water fountain
I called out 'lady, hark'
But when she turned to look at me the contrast was quite stark
She was no sorceress but she threw me in the dark
Track Name: For Your Vanity
A hooded figure in your dungeon cell
is leaning back and ringing a bell
He says he hopes that they don't treat you well,
it's for your vanity
Track Name: Tourist Gets a Bloody Nose
He lurches off the gangplank like he knows the game is up
he's wearing studded leather looking for some stone to bump
he's rotted half his teeth off that's the way the story goes
he walks into the bar, the tourist gets a bloody nose

Rip his clothes off strip him to the bone

Now he's seen men that hang twirling on the open sea
and now he doesn't think he's got to act too carefully
he goes and shakes the bottle, spraying you with little drops
now the whole courtyard's silent but no one's gonna call the cops
he's plundered bravely, put a dagger to his foes
but in the harbor, the tourist gets a bloody nose

Rip his clothes off strip him to the bone
shred them to tatters strip him to the bone
their bloody knuckles say they're gonna make him moan
Track Name: Shore Leave
I've been watching the sea every morning, i've been watching you
searching the seabed for a clue
Like the dracula capsule inventor for the horror at stake i'm watching the ice out on the lake

I think I need to escape, I gotta do everything that I can to show you I'm the type of man who would wade into the flood just to get his feet stuck in the mud,
And watching as you lug another body into your embrace, straddling the human race, everyone can see you grin, but you're eating up my oxygen, and you are pulsing with the sin of static of the mouth

Yeah i try and try to douse my fingers in the flume but i am so entombed to the shore
Track Name: Well Wishing Monster
I passed you in the station, you said i'd better leave you alone
You found my cave drawings on the wall, or something there that made you feral and small like a coyote in a shopping mall with its tail and claws twisted into a monstrous question
But in your mind it's another specimen so put it in your bin

Well you really got me hanging got me down on my knees
and i'll do whatever that you want just what you please
Yeah you really got me hanging on the precipice
and you're prodding me with pencils over the abyss
I guess i should relieve you of your duty to believe that i've got some poison hidden up my sleeve, but you got your wish it's exactly what you wanted

Well you laid me a trap and i fell right into it
You blather on how it's so humane but in your mind you're holding a chain
And you stand there whipping, you point to a well and i jump in
and in your mind there's a monster busy burrowing, drinking all your water in

Well you really got me hanging got me down on my knees
and i'll do whatever that you want just what you please
Yeah you really did a number on my ego and all
but i can't believe you'd just sit back and let me fall
Track Name: Rooftop Waltz
You didn't notice your armchair was gone
You didn't notice your children were gone
Yeah you were too busy digging up your lawn
Tunneling into the soil
Track Name: Drake Surveys the City
Ten thousand statues stored inside the boat
fall off the deck and begin to float
the men and women bend down in laughter
they know exactly what they're after
but it's a mystery you can't explain what goes on in their brains

Yeah they maul each other, and they eat their young
their claws extend when they dance in a contest for the purpose of the conquest of a mate
they've got vicious spices in their store, but what i'm looking for's in a wooden crate

So I call a visitor to meet me in my lair
he looks down at the city people rolling in, there's comprehension in his stare
he hands over the firecracker says this'll do the job for you there
just watch the city sparkle in the glow
you're watching the pier as the ship's drawing near